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How To Find Your Passion

The best resources, techniques, and tips I’ve found on my journey to find my passion.

7 Must Read Books

I believe books are the key to unlocking knowledge and ideas to help us grow.


One of the most useful personal development and relational ideas

Chrome Omnibox and IFTTT Webhooks

If you use Chrome, Trello, or a huge assortment of other technology products, this an excellent method for quickly capturing a single value of information. This is accomplished by setting up a "custom search engine" through Chrome, and then using the chrome Omnibox to...

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Cognitive Switching Penalty

Multitasking - a fancy word for trying to cook 5 courses at the same time; something is going to get burned. Everyone's brain is proven to have a deceleration and acceleration time when switching between tasks. This is known as "switching". The amount of time (the...

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My Chrome Setup (December 2017)

I spend the vast majority of my time in Chrome, and it’s one of my key pieces of software that I don’t notice much except when it’s not working. So after getting more questions and having been almost 3 years since I updated this, here’s my current Chrome setup: Pinned...

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How to name your business fast

Principles: Cleverness vs Clarity: You sacrifice one to get the other. Please don't be clever. Strive for the utmost level of clarity. The average person should be able to figure out what you provide and be interested just based on the name alone. Recommended format:...

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Portion Control

Most people use the wrong signals to stop and start behaviors, and therefore get the wrong results. Imagine you're eating some great cake, and you've eaten a single slice and it was excellent. That signal of "this is good" should actually be an signal to stop eating...

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Decay Rate of Tasks

Imagine every task you had on your to do list, cost $5 per month. This would fundamentally change how you viewed them. Working on 10 tasks 10% each month would still mean you're paying $5 per month for all of them for the whole time for 10 months until they're all...

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