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How To Find Your Passion

The best resources, techniques, and tips I’ve found on my journey to find my passion.

7 Must Read Books

I believe books are the key to unlocking knowledge and ideas to help us grow.


One of the most useful personal development and relational ideas


Since your net worth is created by your network, skillfully growing and managing it should be a top priority of anyone who's interested in greater stability, safety, and opportunity in life. NFX has even gone so far as to say it dictates much of your life. So if this...

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Journaling System

Journaling is an open concept, but essentially an “accounting” (keeping a record of events) from a certain time frame. I would suggest recording high significance events within a single wake-cycle time frame (or 24 hours or “day”).  If you’re simply looking for a way...

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My Chrome Setup (July 2019)

I spend the vast majority of my time in Chrome, and it’s one of my key pieces of software that I don’t notice much except when it’s not working. So after getting more questions and having been almost 2 years since I updated this, here’s my current Chrome setup....

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100% Percent Calendar

If time is the most important resource, then actually being consistent and serious about that is necessary. One of the best ways to manage this reality is to both plan, and track 100% of your time in Google Calendar. The reason for 100% is that if you multiply 60...

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I talk to a lot of people (especially those early in their careers) who are figuring out how to find a direction to pursue (a good pursuit) and accumulate resources such as experience, relationships, skills, knowledge, etc in (capitalism). A simple tool I developed...

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