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Framing (the act of producing a framework that supports and provides structure to an idea) is a very powerful effect. It happens whether or not we’re conscious of it. Which of course is why being conscious and aware of it is key. It’s very connected to your worldview, and belief system (aka ‘religion’).

It’s part contrast, part heuristics. I think the majority of the power of framing lies in its alteration of how we perceive and intake information. Heuristics are primarily for shaping responses based on input.

An example of framing might be as simple as asking someone “You don’t want any, do you?” where you’re performing negative leading. Technically you asked them if they wanted some, but you’re leading their response. Saying “You want some, right?” is of course positive leading.

Some of this at depth is complex NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), some of it is simpler psychology. But there’s almost always framing occurring around any information these days. So only by being aware of someone’s motives, do you unlock the ability to know which direction they’re shifting it (consciously or unconsciously).