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I’m sure you’ve probably heard the quote in one form or another, that “you become the books you read and the 5 people you spend the most time around”. I won’t bother covering how important reading is, suffice it to say: very.

What I do want to share is the idea of your “reference group”. Ultimately everyone will conform to peer pressure! No one can withstand this pressure, it’s non optional. So this leaves us in quite a quandary, right?

Well that depends! It’s all up to who you surround yourself with. Peer pressure can be terribly damaging, or it can be incredibly helpful. It all depends on who’s influencing who.

Tai Lopez talks about a great concept in this video, of the “Law of 33%” or “Rule of Thirds”. So that 66% of your reference group should be composed of people at your level or higher than you. Which means the more than the majority of the time, you’re around people who are at least going in the same direction in their life.

So just in the same way that we should be surrounding ourselves with 33% of people who are a bit farther ahead on the path of life, we should be helping the 33% who we are just a bit ahead of in the game and were where we are now.

A great way to think about this is that we should spend:
33% Helping – those behind
33% Hustling – with those around
33% Hearing – from those ahead