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Ever wondered how to explain what you do? I did for a long time, as I’m sure many entrepreneurs have always struggled to. Especially if you operate multiple projects! This technique from the brilliant Nicholas Boothman was mindblowing:

1. You know how? [Target Market] [Problem]

2. Well I… [Features]

3. So that… [Benefits]

This model communicates so much information in a non-salesy, non-pitch-like format! You’ve told people who you’re looking for (your target market and their identifying problem), what you actually do for them (the features), and the solution and benefits they’ll receive from it. This technique is tremendously helpful!

Here’s an example for 4ge:

You know how entrepreneurs are always so busy? Well I help them implement systems in their business, so that they can finally control their time again.

By creating your own version of this, you can drastically increase your inbound and in person leads, not to mention reducing the anxiety of trying to explain what you do without feeling like you’re talking too much like I’ve always felt haha.

Another thing you can do with this because of its modularity, is shift it from first person to third person:

1. You know how? [Target Market] [Problem]

2. Well Bob… [Features]

3. So that… [Benefits]

This way you can leverage the power of edification when introducing someone, especially if you’re making a connection.