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There are many industries that I view as “nebulous”. So lofty, vague, complex, and/or risky, that they appear nebulous to those who don’t have a solid understanding of them. I know many people view spaces like legal, medicine, or taxes as nebulous.

What’s interesting about this effect, is that it provides tremendous opportunity for entrepreneurs to simplify and cut through the complexity, and offer simplicity as their value proposition!

A great example of this is Zen99 (brilliantly named), which helps people from freelancers to full time contractors simplify their tax documents and processes. And they’re already working on providing easy access to insurance (another “nebulous” industry).

As the world gets more and more complex, simplicity becomes increasingly value creating. If you’re unsure what your passion could be, you can use outsight to figure out where you may have expert blindness. I would posit that the majority of industries are nebulous to the majority of people (some more than others), so this is very likely a valuable offering regardless.