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Maslow 2.0 for web

It’s interesting to me that people so commonly relay Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in the form of a pyramid! Especially considering that Maslow himself (and many others) thought they were more nebulous and less linear at the time, let alone what it’s turned into now. No mistaking the debatable, but real, amount truth in the layer/pyramid organizational system. I simply believe it lacks some depth that may be helpful in applying it personally.

So after mentally playing with the idea modeling, this is I believe, a bit more accurate to Maslow’s original research and intent. With some added influence of other newer research.

A couple things change/improve with this new modeling:

1. The removal of the linear model. This means that you can be working on increasing safety while working on self-actualization. I believe this is much more realistic to the majority of personal journey’s.

2. The addition of a “push-pull” mechanic. The more I read books like “Essentialism“, the more I see an underlying mechanic that if we focus on one thing, something else slows down. I don’t believe we can spin plate #1, and not have plate #2 slow down.