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Most people consider their life in ‘quadrants’ or ‘sectors’ (often just personal and work). Which makes it easy to see why people talk about “work-life balance”. But our life is more accurately described by layers, specifically 4 primary layers:

4. Fitness – your health, mental, emotional, and physical.

3. Family – your relationships with family and friends.

2. Finance – your value creation, work, saving, investing, managing, and earning (a ‘particular’ response to your ‘metaphysical’ faith).

1. Faith – your religion (system of beliefs), philosophy, and relationship with higher authority.

So the starting of a fitness business could involve all 4 layers. You could be 1. helping people maintain their ‘temple’, 2. earning income, 3. helping friends, 4. performing fitness yourself. Trying to separate all of these would be exceedingly difficult considering the level that these are interwoven.