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When looking for a dream job. It’s important to start with the process of OODA, and to follow that up with an Opportunity board. But once you locate an opportunity and move it into the “Due Diligence” list on your Opportunity Trello board, it’s very important to examine it more fully.

Start by:

  1. Creating a new personal board on Trello with the name of the opportunity
  2. Link this board in the description of the card in the “Due Diligence” list on the Opportunity board in Trello
  3. Create 4 lists:
    1. Must Have
    2. Can’t Have
    3. Want
    4. Don’t Want
  4. Then add some cards to each of these lists for things that are “must haves”, “can not haves”, “want to haves”, and “do not want to haves”
  5. Order the cards by priority. For example, income may or may not be more important than the distance to commute

Here‘s an example board.

This will create a much more structured and rational approach to finding and getting a dream job, and making sure you’re happy when you get it!