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Some of my favorite links, tools, services, and products that I use frequently.


Trello – I’ve mentioned this a number of times, but it’s actually one of the pieces of software I use the most

Gmail – email is an extraordinarily effective tool if used correctly

Google Drive – the ability to collaborate and produce great work quickly is amazing. This is also great for longer form notes

Evernote – very useful for storing quick ideas or notes

Spotify – what I think is the best music application right now. I enjoy paying the $10/month for the premium plan so that I can skip all the ads and sync new MP3s to my phone without any hassling with iTunes etc. The playlist feature is great for making different music “moods” for different parts of the day or settings

iCloud Calendar – I think this is the best calendar right now, especially for iPhone. Google Calendar is great, but the simplicity and ease of use is what makes iCloud a win

Chrome – what I think is the best browser at the moment, the offering of extensions and plugins makes this a powerhouse

Point – one of the Chrome extensions I use the most!

Adblock Plus – I know, I know! I’ve heard the argument a lot of times that it’s not ethical to block ads since that’s what supports the sites I enjoy using. But I basically can count the times an ad has been helpful on one finger. So when you balance that with the fact that the extra color and text increases decision fatigue and distraction, I don’t think the ROI is there! So I much more prefer supporting the sites directly through donation, single time payment, or subscription!


Audio Technica headphones – some of the best value per dollar headphones out there, I use these hours a day and they are worth every penny

JVC Marshmallows – these are extremely cheap, have pretty decent sound, and a good mic. What I really like is how comfortable they are, and how much they isolate sound outside you. Perfect for noisy transportation or environments where you need to focus (they are a bit flimsy though)

Razer Naga – this mouse has been my side kick for over 3 years. I’ve done thousands of hours of work on this model, and it’s a productivity and shortcut button clicking machine

Ducky keyboard – some of the best keyboards around, I think as long as typing sound (clickety clackety) isn’t an issue, they are some of the best tools around

Triple monitors – one of the best productivity hacks around. I’m basically 100% addicted to it now, it actually feels really cramped to work on anything less than 2 monitors

iPhone – this is a total personal preference. At the moment I find that this has a bit higher ROI for me, but that could and probably will change in the future

Pilot G2 pens – I’ve written hundreds of pages of notes with this pen model, one of my favorites for sure

Anker Car Charger – dual ports, high wattage, high amps, very well built, and super cheap. I’ve ordered a bunch of these and they’ve all been great

Anker portable batteries – high Mah ratings, very well built, last forever, and very affordable. This is all I use when I’m traveling usually

High quality note books – because typing on a call is distracting and I try hard to not do it, having a high quality pad of paper near me at all times makes taking notes during calls and meetings much better. I actually like <75 page note books better because that way I cycle through them faster, and there’s less risk of losing a ton of notes if I spill water etc. Also reduces the wear and tear per note book rate, so they stay in a bit better condition over time


44 oz plastic cup – I refill this with pure water at least 4 times per day, and it’s helpful for increasing the number of oz I drink per day. I’ve been looking for a cup that’s safe on my desk for a while, but still haven’t found many good options sadly, let me know if you’ve seen a large volume ‘square’ shaped cup that isn’t risky on a desk!

HIIT – high intensity training is where it’s at. The key is to activate your muscles to the proper amount. The amount of time it takes to get there isn’t as much of the issue