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Very often, we maintain mental beliefs and ideas, or take certain actions that when examined are completely indefensible. But beforehand seemed extremely defensible. This is especially true when it comes to excuses. Almost always, excuses are not dependable, hence indefensible.

Warren Buffet doesn’t own a mansion or many high end luxury items, but he does own a private jet because it’s highly efficient for him and saves him a lot of time. Which makes it a really “defensible” purchase.

We should all seek to think about ideas and take actions that are easily defensible. To do so, consider how you would explain this to an individual in the future. Whether that means you, friend, mentor, coach, or spouse, they all represent someone who would require you to externalize your decision and priorities.

An example of this: explaining why you decided to not attend the gym like your goal indicated.

1. Because you had a serious injury and need time to heal
2. Because you didn’t go to bed on time and now feel too tired

Explaining that you didn’t go to the gym because you “didn’t feel like it”, isn’t going to be very defensible!

Considering the defensibility of our ideas and actions greatly increases the chances that your decisions are of the highest quality.