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I know what you’re thinking, “‘expanding your consciousness’? That sounds like some new age thing”, and you’re not wrong. It’s commonly used in new age and esoteric topics, but it’s actually a very practical and simple idea and doesn’t involve crystal balls.

Consciousness is essentially your awareness, perception, understanding, and ability to interact with the world we live in. So imagine you suffer a head injury and lose a large amount of your memory, you wouldn’t be able to interact that well with the world around you because you don’t have the information to provide the foundation to build awareness on. This is why in social interactions if you don’t know what the other person is experiencing or knows, you might not be able to interact at a very high level and it quickly becomes a limitation.

A good example of this is a group of friends talking about a new movie. If all of them have seen it except one, that one person will probably not be able to understand, perceive, or interact with the topic and discussion at hand. And even if they do, it won’t be at a very high quality level. There will be large chunks of missing referential compression and missing knowledge and experiences.

Actively seeking knowledge to help expand your consciousness will allow you to be more open to interacting at a higher level with the world which will lead to better results. Examples of some of the most high value consciousness expanding areas are:
Psychology, business, philosophy, linguistics, economics, politics, and many more.

Most people have a relatively small consciousness, so they don’t perceive things like opportunities in business, because they literally can’t see it and aren’t aware of it. Of course this doesn’t mean they aren’t there, so this is why expanding your consciousness to be able to perceive and interact with those opportunities will be well worth it.