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One of the things I love helping people with the most, is brain storming and radically innovating ideas. One of the other things I love doing is helping hold people accountable to implement those ideas so that they get the maximum benefit and value from them. In a lot of cases, just the accountability alone can be the highest value creation tool I offer them since knowledge without implementation is frustration.

I believe that accountability has tremendous power, especially when combined with masterminding and coaching. If you want to implement accountability as a stand alone service you offer, or with another service or product you already offer, my goal is to aid you in doing so. Keep in mind that you can offer this for free, as a betting system, or as a premium service.

In this example I’ll highlight my personal stand alone accountability that I can package with other services.

1. Have a link that leads to a landing page. Like this:

2. Create a simple landing page like this with LeadPages or Megaphone

3. Create a short (60-90 second) video explaining what you’re offering (example)

4. Have the “call to action” lead to an application form like this. I love Typeform, but Google Forms is great as well

5. Make sure you get notified of each application, so you can review them quickly

6. Execute a follow up process so that after you review the application, if it’s a good fit on paper, you can schedule a call and do a quick “interview” to see if it’s a good fit

7. Complete the rest of the process by adding them to your schedule and start helping them!

Now to deliver the service they’ve just signed up for.

1. If it’s stand alone accountability, I recommend creating a Trello organization called whatever you like, I called mine “Accountability”. If it’s not stand alone, just use whatever organization you’ve already created. Because you’re smart and awesome, and already use Trello, right?! 😀

2. Create a new board for each new client (sample board here)

3. Invite your coachee to Trello (so you can both get a free month of Trello Gold), and add them to that board

4. Then each time on your call, as you find the most effective next actions for them to be accountable for, simply add those to the “To Do” list, and tag them on the card with their username. Assuming you’re doing a weekly call, set next weeks call as the deadline. This means they can check their actions any time, and by adding them to the card, they’ll get a couple automatic notifications to remind them as it gets closer to the deadline.

5. Each week before you get on your call with them, take a quick glance at their board to prepare and see how much progress they’ve made already (based on the position of the cards). And I recommend that you suggest they do the same. That way you’re both fresh on what you both agreed were their priorities over the last week.

If you are offering a paid service, I recommend using Stripe and Plasso to set up a super awesome monthly payment plan, that they can cancel anytime etc.

These steps are extremely effective, and this process has led to some incredible results! I highly recommend you consider offering this because of the tremendous power it has to help people actually do the work. Which, after all, is all we get results for!

If I can help hold you accountable to excellence, please take 30 seconds to add a couple answers here in the Typeform 😀