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Content creation is important for the primary reason that it allows one to share their knowledge, experiences, and ideas with others in a leveraged format.

If you think you have content to create (the chances are high that you do), you’ve likely struggled with it at times (or most of the time).

There are two primary ways to create content:

1. Proactive Content Creation

Proactive Content Creation (PCC) is sitting down with a blank piece of paper and putting thoughts down. The drawback here is that I currently believe most people’s psychological habits aren’t oriented this way (although I think like most things, with some work this is likely changeable).

2. Reactive Content Creation

Reactive Content Creation (RCC) is having someone ask you a question about something and the content being pulled out of you. Think interviews, counseling calls, advice giving et cetera.

If you can create content easily just by investing the time, this can still benefit you, but it’s probably not as impactful. The beauty of RCC is that the resistance of writing, and organizing content dynamically, disappears.

To utilize this, I find that another live person is the most effective. Have them open a new document or get a note pad, and then have them take feverish notes while asking you questions and pulling content out of you.

This method is really powerful, and I’ve used to rapidly create large quantities of relevant and valuable content!

An optional feature is you can have the other person write down the most important stuff from their perspective, this can be especially valuable when the partner assisting is in your target market for consulting or a knowledge product et cetera.