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A relatively large amount of people support the ideas of a ruling elite, secret society, or otherwise very powerful oligarchy of leaders currently. Who generally aren’t believed to have top shelf morals. Though it’s not that crazy to reach these ideas in fact if you only mix some paranoia and confirmation bias!

But! Completely regardless of the validity of these ideas, their accuracy, or the truth. We quickly run smack into a paradox whose nature is in it’s power capacity. If there are truly a group of supremely powerful individuals with ill intent, they are by definition the most powerful people in existence. Hence anyone trying to fight them or dismantle them would need a equal or greater collection of power to do so (Newton’s Third Law).

Let’s use the example of ‘revealed secrets’ about a government agency who can know your thoughts, kill you without any sign of foul play, and control all the information on the internet. If this is true, and the articles written on the internet talking about this agency can’t be true because either it indicates:
1. The agency doesn’t actually have the power to remove your articles or hide these true ‘revealed secrets’ about them, in which case it’s a hoax
2. Or, the agency is real, and they published the article as purposeful falsehoods or disinformation in which case what you know about them is false anyway

So you quickly see that either way, this type of extremely powerful agency can’t exist AND have the average citizen know about it and be giving talks at meetings about it trying to expose and dismantle it (which would mean they aren’t very powerful).

Ultimately, if there is indeed a group or agency that possesses that level of power. No one would know about it, and it would already be beyond stopping.

Now don’t get me wrong! I’m not saying this to be doom and gloom or anything else. Simply to say that fear and paranoia is a massive inhibitor of success and ‘the good life’ (read The Speed of Trust). So maintain your priorities carefully. Take great care to guard your thoughts and their quality. Garbage in, garbage out. Quality thinking is your greatest asset you can acquire.