''100 to 100'' Goal

''To help 100 young people under the age of 21 to $100,000+ net worth by 2025''

This became my main goal late in 2014 when building vision that if I wanted to have a true exponential legacy and impact on economies, society, and ultimately history, it couldn’t be primarily through modest levels of personal achievement. Largely because personal achievement only impacts a small group of people. It would have to start with not only raising up young entrepreneurs and individuals passionately interested in the area of business. But doing so at a relatively early age which would allow them the time freedom and decision making flexibility to have a drastically increased access to their own goals and callings, thereby multiplying the compound effect this goal would have.

Around early 2015 I happened to be reading a number of John Maxwell’s books, which improved the goal to focus more on leadership development first, rather than strictly business mastery development (especially due to The Law of the Lid). Although I’ve decided to maintain the original goal specifics just to use it as a way to measure their progress relative to a target metric so that the focus is maintained.

The goal has heavily influenced the development of this site and what content I share. The types of posts, links, and ideas I’m sharing are things that I believe could help other young people consider truth, largely in the area of philosophy, personal development, and work although true success is entirely holistic (it has to start somewhere, specifically philosophy).

A current sub-goal is to build a library of resources to reference to increase efficiency. An example of this is the “Rich Man’s MBA” program I put together recently. It’s strategically based off some of the resources that I’ve found to be the most helpful in growing the quality and quantity of thinking in another individual. This represents an example of the ideal resources I want to continue developing to increase my efficiency and effectiveness toward reaching this goal.

Incredibly we’re almost coming up on the first year of the goal, and we’re nearly on track even though the project has been building momentum and required effort to make progress on.

Do you share this vision?

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